Manual Trading with NNFX methodology

C1 = signal
C2 = regime filter

Signal Validation

  1. Determine the LONG trend based on fundamentals (20%, defines initial position size for long or short)
  2. Determine the MIDDLE trend based on your C2 and/orSentiment Analyses (40%)
  3. Determine the SHORT trend based on your C1 (25%)
  4. Check that there is no Support/Resistance within 2 ATR (15%) (bots cant)
  5. Respect News events
  6. Only trade when all those align (overall 80% technical, 20% fundamental)


  1. Start the trade on the 4H timeframe (below got too much noise)
  2. Trade with 0.5% - 1.5% risk of capital in live and with fixed pos. size in test
  3. Dont set a TakeProfit
  4. Set a StopLoss to minimum 1.0 ATR (percentile filtered ATR) and move it then behind the next easily detectable Support/Restance zone

Scale Out

  1. C1 signals in opposite direction → exit (only while scaling-out process)
  2. Trade reached 1 ATR profit → sell 50%, set SL to entry price (breakeven)
  3. Trade reached 2 ATR profit → set TrailingStop (2 ATR)
  4. Trade is 2D+ in profit, reconfigure the TrailingStop based on the 1D timeframe


  1. C1 signals in the opposite direction → stay in the trade
  2. C2 signals in opposite direction → consider to exit (hitrate 10%)
  3. Exit-Indicators signals → exit (hitrate 85%)
  4. TrailingStop is a "emergency" exit (high vola breakouts) → SL exit (hitrate 5%)