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These are my personal notes, ideas and experiences, when it comes to trading. Feel free to connect with me and to improve and correct them. In future you may find here an upload form for Metatrader 5 Strategy Tester results and other fancy stuff.

Matze`s Golden Trading Rules

  1. An algo a day, keeps the drawdown away.
  2. Every Symbol is as unique as a snowflake. Dont chase "the one algo that rules them all" (aka the holy grail).
  3. Define a Statement of Risk Tolerance and stick with it "95% MonteCarlo confidence that you have no more than 15% drawdown".
  4. Define a Statement of Profit Success and stick with it "95% MonteCarlo confidence that you have more than 2.0 Return/DD Ratio".
Developer (Full Stack Web)

Full stack developer - PHP | MariaDB, MySQL | Html, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap | Javascript, jQuery | Linux CentOS, Ubuntu | Frameworks Laravel, Symfonie | Git, Composer, Node Modules

Developer (Metatrader 5)
Quant Trader
  • CFD-Trader for Forex, Energy and Metals, bots only, not pulling the trigger manually.
  • Swingtrader in stock markets with both technical and fundamental analysis (product rating based on current market).
  • Investor in ETFs and stocks, based on fundamentals (the big and even bigger pictures).
Webserver Tools (internal)

Roundcube Webmailer, phpMyAdmin, Postfix Admin, Elasticsearch Admin, Server Load, PHP Version, OPcache GUI, $_SERVER

About me
  • Going to the gym
  • Eating healthy
  • Low-carb fan
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