Stocks Watchlist

ETF Growth

Name / ISIN Product Recommandation Date added
L&G Cyber Security UCITS ETF IE00BYPLS672
Cyber security technology and services TER 0.75%, but everything else is good; sometimes a little volatile, but on long run good 11.Feb.2021
ARKF Paper Finviz
ARK Fintech Innovation ETF TER 0.75%, Fintech Inno, Killer ETF 11.Feb.2021

Stocks Growth

Name / ISIN Product Recommandation Date added
Zscaler US98980G1022
Cloud Security Overall good uptrend, but why many DD? 11.Feb.2021
Plug Power US72919P2020
Hydrogen fuel Clean energy
!! price = X * turnover. currently ranging
Sarepta US8036071004
Biotech Recover? Alert on 100+ (check why drop) 11.Feb.2021
Twitter US90184L1026
Recover from "Trumb block penalty". WAS RIGHT, too late now 11.Feb.2021
Fiverr IL0011582033
Online Marketplace for Freelancer Risky, currently overbaught, but "stay at home stock" 11.Feb.2021
ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury
US When US interest rates rise agin, go with this ETF 08.Feb.2021

Stocks Dividend

Name / ISIN Product Recommandation Date added
WP Carey US92936U1097
REIT Real Estate Invest Trust 6.1% 24.Jan.2020
TOP30 SP500 1991-2020