Secret Sauce

Signal Validation

  1. Determine the LONG trend based on real fundamentals (30%)
  2. Determine the MIDDLE trend based on your C2 and Sentiment Analyses (40%)
  3. Determine the SHORT trend based on your C1 (15%)
  4. Check that there is no Support/Resistance within 2 ATR (15%)
  5. Respect News events
  6. Only trade when all those align (overall 70% technical, 30% fundamental)


  1. Start the trade on the 4H timeframe (below got too much noise)
  2. Trade with 1% - 2% risk of capital
  3. Dont set a TakeProfit
  4. Set a StopLoss to minimum 1 ATR and move it then behind the next easily detectable Support/Restance zone

Scale Out

  1. C1 signals in opposite direction → exit (only while scaling-out process)
  2. Trade reached 1 ATR profit → sell 50%, set SL to entry price (breakeven)
  3. Trade reached 2 ATR profit → set TrailingStop (2 ATR)
  4. Trade is 2D+ in profit, reconfigure the TrailingStop based on the 1D timeframe


  1. C1 signals in the opposite direction → stay in the trade
  2. C2 signals in opposite direction → consider to exit (hitrate 10%)
  3. Exit-Indicators signals → exit (hitrate 80%)
  4. TrailingStop is a "emergency" exit (high vola breakouts) → SL exit (hitrate 10%)

Rate your Strategy

  1. Apply a tight Moving Average over your equity curve (EMA20)
  2. Stay with your Strategy as long as the curve is over the MA
  3. Trade other Strategy when it falls below the MA